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Water Blasting Machine

Water Blasting Machine

Water Blasting and How to Protect Yourself from Harm

A water blaster is one of the quickest and most convenient tools available for industrial cleaning but due to the nature of the pressurized water it can pose a significant risk for injury. One of the most important safety precautions associated with HP water blasting is the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), including the proper apparel, to help ensure your safety when using high pressure water blasting equipment. The Aqua Safe Suit has the highest performance line of protective clothing to help keep you safe when using water blasting machine.

What is a Water Blasting Machine?

A water blasting machine generates the high-pressure water required to blast hard surfaces, pipes, and vessels for cleaning and maintenance. Due to the high water pressure, there is a risk of severe injury when handling the water blasting equipment. Since accidents can happen to even the most skilled and experienced operators it is imperative that you use extreme caution when operating water blasting equipment.

What are some of the Hazards to Using a Water Blasting Equipment?

Use of an HP water blaster creates wet surfaces which can be harder to grip onto. Even simple footing problems can result in serious injury. Maintaining control is critical to your safety since the water coming out of the nozzle is at a force that can sever limbs. Immediate medical attention is required to treat all water blast wounds as tunneling and contamination injection are possible. Knowing the hazards and taking the appropriate preventative measures will help minimize the potential for harm when using HP water blasting equipment.

Use Comfortable High-Pressure Safe Clothing

When using a HP water blasting machine, it is essential that you wear comfortable, non-restrictive, high-pressure safe clothing. Aqua Safe Suits offer full body coverage, leaving no part exposed to injury from accidental HP water streams. Suits can withstand pressures to 40,000 PSI and are fire-resistant. Our water blasting suits can help protect the skin if you lose control of the equipment and an accident does happen.

Watch For Slip and Fall Injuries

Not only is water blasting equipment a hazard if you lose control of it but slip and fall injuries are not uncommon if you aren’t careful. When using a water blasting machine, be aware that surfaces will be slick and watch your footing. Wear shoes with excellent traction to reduce the risk of injury from falls. Protect your feet and toes from injury. Our Aqua Safe Foot Covers are designed to be worn over your footwear for chin, ankle, and foot protection.

Water blasting is one of the most efficient ways to clean industrial equipment. If you are going to use a water blasting machine, it is essential to not only be trained on how it works, but also to take the precautionary steps required to minimize the potential for harm. High water pressures and slick, slippery surfaces can make things dangerous.

For more information about the Aqua Safe Suit and the critical nature of its use when working with HP water blasting equipment, check out our website!

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