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Is the Aqua Safe Suit designed for a stationary blast from a High Pressure Machine ?

This garment will not protect against a stationary blast. It is designed to lessen injury from a quick swipe only. It cannot prevent all injuries from high pressure water, even if worn properly.

Aqua Safe Suit Protect You From ?

When properly worn, this garment may lessen severity of injury from accidental momentary (less than 1/2 second) exposure to a water jet. Severity of the injury will depend on water pressure, water flow rate, distance from nozzle, length of exposure time and type of nozzle. Low pressure applications may be more dangerous than higher pressure applications due to greater water flow.

Can i customize the Aqua Safe Suit?

Yes, The Aqua Safe Suit is fully customizable with your company colors and logo. Please see options on our products page.

What kind of fabric is used on the outer layers of CESCO’s Aqua Safe Suits?

The fabric used on the outer layers of CESCO’s Aqua Safe Suits features exceptional strength and durability, breathability, mildew resistance, water resistance, and UV color retention. It is designed to retain its strength, dimensional stability, and color in severe conditions. It is resistant to heat & flames and meets or exceeds the most stringent fire-resistance requirements.

What is cesco?

CESCO is the parent company that makes the Aqua Safe Suit. Located in Charleston, SC, CESCO is your one-stop corrosion shop, providing industrial equipment and machinery to industry – specializing in dry abrasive and water blast systems, paint spray equipment, blasting media, safety equipment and supplies, air compressors and pressure washers. CESCO is also home to the Aqua Miser® line of water blasters, containment systems and related water blasting products. Visit CESCO at www.BlastAndPaint.com to learn more.

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