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Aqua Safe Shroud for UHP Hose

High Pressure Water Blasting Safety Suits In North Charleston SC

For UHP (Ultra High Pressure) hoses, this UHP resistant abrasion sleeve attaches securely at the gun’s high pressure hose connection to provide the operator added protection against sudden hose leaks. Compatible with most style guns. Easy to install. Various sizes, lengths, styles.

  • Added Operator Protection Against Sudden Hose Leaks
  • 48” long Abrasion Sleeve
  • UHP Resistant Fabric
    Easy to Install
  • Custom Sizes Available

P/N 20-133R-KIT For most AquaMiser® Rotary Style Guns
Retaining ring keeps the protective abrasion sleeve in place during even the most vigorous operations while the end cap stabilizes the UHP hose to reduce wear on the rotary head’s internal components. Kit includes: Adapter Tube, Hose Support Cap, and Abrasion Sleeve. Replacement Abrasion Sleeve (P/N 20-133R) may be purchased separately.

P/N 20-133F-KIT For most AquaMiser® Fan Style Gunsand Aqua Miser® “Z” style Rotary Guns with an HP elbow
Attaches securely at the gun’s UHP hose connection fitting. Kit includes: Adapter Fittings and Abrasion Sleeve.

P/N 20-133E For other rotary style and fan style guns
One-piece sleeve attaches with an adjustable strap for versatility

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